• House Gop Question Changes In Flood Insurance Bill

    FEMA has failed to complete a study of ways to make flood insurance more affordable and has come under assault for new flood maps that have decreed some never-flooded communities at risk. The Senate action cheered people who live in homes or own property in coastal communities and towns in flood plains. "Most of our homeowners require flood insurance as a condition of their mortgage," said Jonathan Gaska, district manager for the community board that represents the Rockaway peninsula and Broad Channel, areas of New York battered by Superstorm Sandy. "And we were afraid that this would just become a ghost town that people would just give up their homes because they can't afford it." Gaska said that the 2012 law has already had a chilling effect on home sales throughout the Rockaways, which is mostly populated by blue-collar workers like police officers and firefighters.
    Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/house-gop-question-flood-insurance-bill-22309105

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